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Mining Irish-American Lives: Western Communities from 1849 to 1920

I'm delighted to announce that my new book, Mining Irish-American Lives, will be published in June 2022 by the University Press of Colorado!

This exciting project was the result of ambitious research trips that took me across the American West, where I found never-before-used sources, including log books from hospitals and churches, letters from Irish emigrants, and the spy reports of company detectives.

When the press makes an official announcement, you will be able to find the link here.

I have created an interactive to illustrate the vastness of the places covered in the topic, the wide network of Irish-American networks across the American West, and the transnational aspects of the project.

Select Previous Publications

"'The Struggle you have here is the same you knew in Ireland': Butte’s Rising During the First World War," Journal of the Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland 16 (December 2018): 51–54

The First World War saw tumultuous changes far from the trenches where millions were dying. In Ireland the Easter Rising in 1916 changed Hiberno-British relations forever, and in faraway Butte one of the heroes of the 1913 Dublin Lockout was bringing his strange influence to bear on the pernicious influences on the powerful Irish-American community of Butte, Montana.

"'Real Irish Patriots Would Scorn to Recognise the Likes of You': Jim Larkin and Irish America," in David Convery, Locked Out: A Century of Irish Working-Class Life (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2013)

I was delighted to contribute to this collection of essays edited by David Convery. My essay follows the path of James 'Big Jim' Larkin after he left Ireland for the US to collect funds for the Irish Citizen Army. He found himself embroiled in a series of escalating inter-ethnic conflicts throughout the US.

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